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12   /   06   /   2018

15   /   06   /   2018


Our initial brief for the Tesla stand came in just weeks before the live show. The brief was to create a Tesla 'Home Of The Future' which was to showcase their entire product range. We started off by looking at homes of the future taking inspiration from German Huf houses and pre fabricated concepts, to create a truly unique experience for the consumer. 

As the concept evolved we knew we had to utilise the space we had on stand by creating a smooth and flowing journey for the customer. We wanted them to be able to easily engage with the vehicles and Tesla staff who were able to educate them as they made their way through each point. 

We also wanted to create a separate section for Tesla customers and potential customers who were looking to buy. We built a mezzanine which played host to a break out area, VIP bar, informal seating and of course a beautiful Model S! This was a great space for Tesla staff to bring customers to get away from the hustle and bustle of the show. 

The event was such a great success that Tesla asked us to re build a similar stand at The Paris Motor Show in 2018. 

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