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GIANT International are creative innovators. We engage audiences and inspire emotional impact through Brand Experiences & Events Activations. We elevate production intelligence with strategic inspiration; maximise creative excellence through fastidious project management.

Agility sits at the heart of our business, guiding our model of conception, development and measurable success. By constantly challenging results and pushing to diversify we uncover fresh potential, opening new creative chapters as we close the last in a constant cycle of innovation and delivery. This ethos has proven successful for both our clients and ourselves, allowing us to adapt, grow and build; daring ourselves to rise to new heights with each project.

We strive to lead the way; to deliver the next generation of Brand Experiences today.

Our twenty year journey has been guided by our philosophy of creative practice, principles we apply to ourselves and our clients alike. We believe that success is generated through challenge and innovation, conceiving and developing ideas to achieve tangible impact.

By consistently assessing results and pushing to diversify we uncover fresh potential, opening new creative chapters as we close the last in a constant cycle of innovation, delivery and reinvention. This model succeeds because it always looks to the future, constantly evolving ideas in line with culture, technology and next generation best practice


OUR offering

We are a Brand Experience & Events Activations agency. Our offering is built from strategically mindful creative practice, expertly brought to life and delivered through intelligently managed production. We provide a partnership service to our clients from conception through delivery, reconciliation and beyond. These core skills are augmented by our specialists in content and brand development, digital and user experience, bringing together a diverse arsenal of skills with the agility to deliver for all audiences and clients.

At GIANT we understand that each project we take on, usually requires a multitude of different skill sets. 

Delivering campaigns in this way requires an incredibly talented group of individuals/companies who can work together to achieve the clients goals!


To deliver these campaigns we offer our clients the following services;

Event Management 

  • Account Management 

  • Project Management 

  • Production Management 

  • Asset Management 



  • Creative Strategy 

  • 2D 

  • 3D 

  • Illustration

  • Animation 

  • Content 

Tech Production

  • Event Engagements through; 

  1. VR 

  2. AR

  3. Gesture Recognition

  4. AI

  5. Shareable Moments 

  6. Unique Interactions

  • Creative Tech

  • On event consumer reporting





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