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21   /   06   /   2021

08   /   07   /   2021


As Clean Kitchen Clubs creative and build partner, our goal is to design spaces that really brings the brand to life. The spaces we've created have helped drive the brand forward, creating physical entities that consumers can be a part of. This has helped put Clean on the map. So much so, they are now actively seeking investment to grow even further.

With a wave of healthy living and clean eating as a new trend, the rise of healthy fast food is on the rise. Clean Kitchen at the forefront of that trend were looking to expand. Opening up store locations across London we at Giant were asked to design an eco fast food shop with a hint of industrialism. This Camden site at Buck Street Market was their first ever main restaurant space. Utilising our in house design team to produce concepts and plans, we created this environmentally modern fast food store on the busy streets of London. 

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